Chiropractic care isn’t used to fix your neck and back pain only.

Chiropractic care builds your entire nervous system, which is used for every other function in your body. Chiropractic care and consistent adjustments help with:


Most people describe a tension headache as a feeling of a tight band or dull ache around the head or behind the eyes. A common cause of tension headaches is subluxations in the upper back and neck which is effectively treated with chiropractic adjustments.

Headaches affect just about everyone at some point in our lives. Some people only experience pain behind their eyes, or a specific spot in their head. While other people experience a pounding sensation inside their whole head, and some people even experience nausea when the headaches get too severe. Headaches can be extremely painful, and for some they last up to a few hours, to a few days.

Allergies & Asthma

When we think about what a chiropractor does, our minds go straight to neck and back problems being fixed; but chiropractic care benefits many other functions of the body and proper adjustments help with allergies and asthma too. When spring time comes around and you find yourself suffering from allergies or asthma, call us to book your appointment so you can toss that over-the-counter medication to the trash.

We put a lot of emphasis on how chiropractic care builds the nervous system and the immune system. When our chiropractor removes nerve interference, that will allow your immune system to work optimally.

When an immune system is functioning well it helps to prevent disease and infection. With that being said it also battles the invasion of foreign substances like pollution, dust and pollen and all of those yucky things that make you sneeze your head off. Keeping your spine aligned and being consistent with your adjustments is an optimal step to a healthy immune system.
Being in alignment can help symptoms you may be having from seasonal allergies.

Digestive Problems

For a lot of us, our first instinct when we suffer from digestive issues is to go to our nearest pharmacy and purchase over-the-counter medication; but in the long-run, the medication can only help to a certain extent.

These medications may help you relieve symptoms, but most of the time it is only temporary.

They do not really treat the underlying cause of your digestive issues.

Chiropractic adjustments are extremely effective at treating issues related to digestion. As mentioned before, your digestive system is entirely linked to your nervous system, and your nervous system has complete control over various aspects of your digestive function. If any of the numerous nerves in your spine are functioning improperly, problems with digestion can easily arise.

High Blood Pressure

We’ve all heard that living with high blood pressure raises your risk of heart disease. Most doctors will prescribe various medications to get the blood pressure down, but we all get to a point in which taking prescription medication can lead us to experience other symptoms we are not comfortable with. A more natural way to get blood pressure under control is seeing a chiropractor for proper adjustments.

There has been research that suggests that adjustments done to a particular spot on the spine may facilitate the reduction in blood pressure. The vertebrae, known as the atlas, is located at the base of the skull, in the neck area. When this vertebra is misaligned, a specific chiropractic technique is able to readjust it, potentially reducing hypertension and lowering high blood pressure.


If you are struggling with insomnia, you may have tried other medications and remedies with no success. Some of us often find ourselves purchasing another bottle of melatonin, and we wake up feeling groggy or even worse than before. We all know that lack of sleep leaves us feeling cranky and irritable.

Studies have proven insomnia is just a symptom, and the primary cause needs to be traced and identified. Almost half of insomnia causes are believed to be psychological or emotional, such as mild depression, stress, or anxiety. When the causes are treated, the insomnia usually goes away.

When you come in, Dr. Ryan will discuss with you, and explain how your spinal health can help solve the problem. The spine houses the central nervous system that controls almost everything our body does.

A gentle, targeted spinal adjustment may relieve any pain that you have, while it improves your sleep and lowers stress.

As you evaluate your results, weekly adjustments may keep you at your peak, and allow time to work on additional health issues. If depression, anxiety or stress are contributing to your insomnia, ongoing chiropractic treatment may help to reduce the issues and improve your sleep.


Millions of Americans suffer from depression, from mild to severe.

Many of the most popular treatments for depression can cause uncomfortable side effects. Luckily, chiropractic care is a non-invasive and natural alternative treatment that has been shown to improve depression symptoms.

Our chiropractor will give a thorough examination and will hopefully find places within the spine that could benefit from adjustments. Adjustments to certain part of the body will allow blood to flow more freely and can relax the muscles. This stress relief can be quite therapeutic for those with depression.

If spinal vertebrae are out of place, it can place pressure on the surrounding nerves. Since the nervous system circulates throughout our bodies, a blocked nerve in the lower back can actually affect all sorts of places in our bodies. Once our chiropractor has identified a problem area, symptoms can often be alleviated after one adjustment. The chiropractor will recommend a regimen that will more than likely include regular visits.

People who suffer from depression that are considering trying chiropractic should also consult their primary care physician and therapist if they have one. When approaching an illness such as depression, a multidisciplinary approach can often be the most effective. Studies have shown that certain people respond better to different treatments, so adding chiropractic into the list of options will allow more people than ever to find relief from depression-related symptoms.


Stress is something we all go through in our lifetime. We stress about work, school, financial problems, issues with certain relationships and the list goes on. We can also generate stress internally when we practice poor nutrition and don’t get enough sleep.

Overall, stress causes damage. Its impact on the body can lead to long-term problems such as spinal misalignment. According to U.S. News & World Report, stress plays a role in so many modern diseases that some experts estimate it accounts for half the nation’s health-care related expenses.

Fortunately, chiropractic care can help. Regular visits to the chiropractor can help release stored tension in the body, relieve the symptoms of stress and reduce the damage it deals.


In order to properly function in everyday activities we need to feel healthy, well-rested, and full of energy. Subluxations of the spine cause an interruption between the central nervous system and the rest of our body, which leads to other systems in the body functioning improperly. This can lead to feelings of fatigue and other health problems. A chiropractic adjustment by Dr. Ryan will remove these subluxations and reduce nerve interferences to allow your brain to communicate properly with your body, restoring proper balance between the body’s systems.

Difficulty Nursing/Breastfeeding

When a mother becomes pregnant, there are many changes that occur within the mother’s body that may be difficult to adjust to.

Once the baby is born, the baby’s musculoskeletal system is instantly compromised, as the pressure of passing through the birth canal can put stress on the brand-new bones in its body. Chiropractic care can help both the mother and the baby when it comes to musculoskeletal problems, from back pain, weight gain and colic.

Chiropractic care can also help mothers and infants when it comes to breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is important for a baby’s development because it provide necessary nutrients and antibodies. Breastfeeding can also be quite frustrating, but the process is necessary for mothers and newborn babies.

The first step to successfully complete the process of breastfeeding is for the baby to latch onto the mother. This can be the most difficult part because the ability for the baby to latch sometimes depends on the baby’s disposition. If latching is not completed then breastfeeding is impossible. Many mothers become frustrated when issues with latching occur, and may be inclined to switch to baby formula.

Through chiropractic care, the mother and baby’s musculoskeletal health and spinal alignment is improved, which can make the latching process much easier. It is important to remember that chiropractors are trained to treat every type of body, include those of expecting mothers and their babies.

Bed Wetting

The first step in solving a bed wetting problem is to get checked and find out if there is pressure from spinal misalignment on the nerves and muscles surrounding the bladder. If those conditions are present, studies show chiropractic adjustments can also focus on the vertebrae that affect the bladder and can help to improve function of the nervous system by relieving the subluxations that obstruct proper function.


Before we get into how chiropractic care helps with colic, keep in mind that a baby is never too young to get a proper adjustment. Studies show that chiropractic adjustment significantly improves colic symptoms.

Chiropractors call a misalignment in the spine a subluxation. A subluxation negatively affects how the nervous system functions. When a baby’s nervous system fails, other parts of their body stop working properly. If your baby’s digestive system becomes dysfunctional, they may start crying intensely.

Dr. Ryan is able to give your baby a gentle and proper adjustment to the spine, removing the subluxation and helping your baby restore all movements.