Chiropractic Treatments Can Help with Fall Allergies

Most allergies are triggered in the fall by ragweed, a blooming plant. August through October are when ragweed plants bloom. You can get some sinus inflammation as a result throughout these months. Numerous billions of long-distance-traveling pollen grains are produced by ragweed. These grains stimulate immune system activity when inhaled. Whenever these pollen grains are ingested, the immune system launches an attack because it thinks the grains are dangerous. Histamines are produced further into lungs, eyes, nose, and throat as the immune system attacks to expel the pollen grains.

Common symptoms of this irritating accumulation include:

The coordination and control of your immune and respiratory systems depends on adequate communications between the brain and spinal cord. The immune system may deteriorate if there is a breakdown in such connection. Chiropractic adjustments will maintain your immune system in balance and restore healthy nervous system connection without requiring the use of medication. Your histamine-filled sinuses can be opened and drained by realigning your spinal cord, which also corrects any nerve obstructions.

Prepare ahead of the autumn allergy season and call Hanson Chiropractic Center NOW to avoid suffering from allergies! In order to ensure that you don’t miss any fall activities, Dr. Ryan Hanson and his team are eager to assist you in boosting your immune system.