Can a Subluxation Clear Up on Its Own?

What is Spinal Subluxation?

There are an astonishing 360 joints in the human body, all designed to allow your body to move in thousands of directions. When a spinal subluxation occurs, you have a full or partial dislocation of the joints in your spine that allow for your upper body movement.

Because your spine is such a big part of all movement in your body, a subluxation can come with a lot of easy-to-notice symptoms such as:

However, a subluxation may come with no symptoms at all. When this occurs, the spinal misalignment causes pressure on the nerves over time and may cause permanent damage. Over time, if your spine continues in this state, you may begin to experience the symptoms listed above.

There can be many causes for spinal subluxation to develop. Since subluxation is a stress response, a person may experience one if the body is introduced to certain physical stresses such as falls or car accidents, emotional stress, or chemical stress.

During times of stress, the muscles respond to it by going into spasms. This spasm then causes the spinal bones to lock up and joints no longer move the way they should.

Can a Subluxation Clear Up on Its Own?

The answer isn’t as easy as a simple yes or no, so we’ll just say that it depends. What it depends on is how severe or acute the spinal subluxation is to begin with.

As we said before, the body is an amazing creation with the power to heal itself in a lot of situations. If your spinal subluxation is small and minor, it can absolutely clear up on its own. If you’re an otherwise healthy person, your normal activities such as walking, stretching, bending, and moving will often help your spine readjust all by itself. Your spine is able to reposition itself into its normal position again with no problem.

However, not all subluxations are going to be minor, therefore not all subluxations will correct themselves over time through normal movement. When this is the case, your best course of treatment is going to be chiropractic treatment where your chiropractor will do a series of adjustments to align your spine once more.