Six Areas That Reveal Our True Values And Commitments

1)         What we want most.

2)         What we think about most.

3)         How we use our money.

4)         The company we enjoy.

5)         Whom and what we admire.

6)         What we laugh at.




It seems that everyone leads busy lives today. If we are all given 24 hours a day, why is it that some people manage to thrive while others just barely survive?


Success comes from being committed to the right things and following through on our commitments. Having no goals or commitments is aimlessness. Being committed to the wrong things is misdirection. Not acting in accordance with our commitments is hypocrisy. In Chiropractic, we want to build a group of team members who value health and are committed to improving it in themselves, their families, and communities.


What do committed team members look like? First, they are under regular Chiropractic care to keep their nervous systems healthy.


Second, they are committed to doing the right things away from our office: exercise, healthy diets, proper rest, stress reduction, and personal growth.


And last but not least, they share the benefits of chiropractic care with their families and neighbors, who desperately need to hear it.







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