How To Say No!

Without question children, teenagers, even adult politicians should not smoke marijuana or do cocaine. Olympic and professional athletes should not build their bodies up with steroids. Young people should not prepare for exams by taking uppers to stay awake and downers to fall asleep. However, the fact is we should all be saying no to all sorts of drugs. We have become the most drugged culture in the world. Over half the drugs taken on the planet are taken right here in the U.S. How can we expect young people to say no to drugs while the rest of us keep saying yes?

From birth until death we are on medication. If we want to have a child, we take a drug. If we want to prevent conception, we take a drug. If we do have a child and there is pain during labor, there is a drug. When the child goes to school, if he does not pay attention or conform to policy, there is a drug. Today, millions of children in the U.S. take stimulant medication for hyperactivity and inattentiveness. What would happen if Edison, Einstein, or Beethoven, who were known for being poor students, had been on Ritalin? Their great minds would have been destroyed at a young age and we never would have gotten to experience the product of their genius. Adult children who used Ritalin have thought patterns that are like Swiss cheese; they are full of holes!

If your child is female, we can give a drug for menstrual cramps. If you son or daughter is depressed, there is Prozac for that. If he or she has any ache or pain, then there is a drug for that. High blood pressure? High cholesterol? Diet and exercise may bring them down but why bother when you can take a drug.

Before you ingest the next pill in your medicine cabinet, take a look at your child who is standing there watching- you. Dad taking a dozen pills for the tension of the day, mom taking assorted pills to lose weight or fall asleep, and filling the kids full of antibiotics and cold relievers whenever they get a common cold or flu, both of which the body heals just fine on its own. What messages are you imparting to your children; that drugs are an important, normal part of our daily lives? Can we expect out children to say NO to drugs, when we ourselves have a medicine cabinet full of them? How might you be able to solve your problem without using that pill? By getting Chiropractic Adjustments, dieting, exercise, getting more rest, and reducing stress…THAT’S HOW!

“Defile the body (drugs) and you defile the spirit of God”

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